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xinjiang long staple cotton


Xinjiang has overall good natural ecological conditions with relatively high yield,large area,and good quality of cotton. it is confirmed that the cultivation scale of Xinjiang cotton-planting area has stabilized at around 2.0 million hm2 , and the total yield achieves approximately 4.1 million t. Cotton production in Xinjiang has been at the advanced level in the world, which is inextricably linked with the large-scale popularization and application of advanced cultivation and management techniques in Xinjiang, including "dwarf, dense, early" core technology and several its supporting technologies such as film mulching, selection of appropriate cultivars, drip irrigation technology and fruit-cotton intercropping, thus taking full use of local light, water and soil resources and overcoming the deficiency of ecological conditions in Xinjiang cotton fields. Furthermore, the construction of ecological areas with oasis windbreaks and shelter belts should be strengthened to ensure the achievement of high yield and stable yield of cotton in Xinjiang. What makes Xinjiang cotton special is how soft it becomes when its woven into a length of cloth. It felt just as soft as Zimbabwe, with a nice slightly hairy texture. Zimbabwe cotton is a long staple variety, with lengths varying between 3.8-4.5cm. Xinjiang cotton is also of the long staple variety with lengths averaging around 4cm as well.


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